For Agents


The CBAA has been formed to create consistency in the marketplace for all parties, and to protect both the Public and the Vessel Operators from unethical charter agents.


To qualify for membership an agent must have been actively involved as a reputable boat charter agent for a minimum 3 years and derive the majority of their income from charter brokerage.

They must agree to adhere to the principles of the CBAA and abide by the Code of Conduct which specifically prohibits deceptive and unethical practices.

Any prospective members wishing to join the CBAA must be nominated and seconded by existing members, be accepted by the Committee, and pay an annual membership fee.

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Operator Agreement

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Charter Boat Agents Association
Code of Conduct

Members will agree to:

  • Grow the charter industry for the mutual benefit of brokers, operators, suppliers and crew.
  • Promote and reward best practice by operators.
  • Foster confidence among consumers about the charter industry as a responsible and ethical hospitality provider.
  • Provide the best possible advice to customers regardless of the relative financial benefit
  • Settle disputes in a professional, fair and amicable manner

Members will agree to not undertake any of the following unacceptable practices:

  • Misusing copyrighted material
  • Listing boats without the owner’s permission
  • Marking up rates
  • Advertising based on competitor’s company names
  • Any activities likely to damage the reputation of the charter industry
  • Failing to pay Boat Owners for damages done by Charterers
  • Deceptive practices such as deliberate misquoting, “bait and switch” making “ghost” bookings to hold prime dates without a customer and/or deposit

Download CBAA Code of Conduct